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That made my day!!

so i was just watching the 7th episode of the Honey and Clover drama...and in the beginning, takemoto was drawing random jobs from a box...and the card he picked was "F1 Racer" and he kept saying there's no way that can happen, then romaya-senpai showed up...and said one of his classic lines...i think it was "the most successful people are those who have clear dreams" so then they had romaya-senpai draw a card too...and this was so unexpected!! but on his card, it said "Morning Musume" i was so happy just seeing that!! but then right after that...romaya was just staring at the card with a blank face...so the guys were like "no?" and romaya was like "it could happen" then they started singing a part from renai revolution~ that was the best~ a super highlight in the drama...